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Gift cards

The perfect gifts for family and loved ones - for the holiday bookers and 'What a view-look!'-ers, green-fingered shoppers and sandwich-scoffers, history ponderers, weekend wanderers and everything in between.

Gift cards can be spent on admission to places we look after, in National Trust cafes, in National Trust shops (including our online shop), on National Trust membership (in person), on National Trust holiday cottages (by phone) and when you stay at Historic Hotels.

You can add any value to your gift card from £10 to £500.

However this gift card is spent, every purchase made helps us look after nature, beauty and history. For everyone, for ever.

Gift Card by post

Prefer to send your gift card by post or deliver it in person? We'll send it to your preferred address when you purchase.
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Digital Gift Cards

Our digital gift cards are sent by email with a personalised message from you.
Just the ticket when you need to find the perfect present quickly.
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